5V 2A 8.5W Electric Heating Pads 3Pads Waterproof Heating Cloth Pads Set

 Specifications:Name: Electric Heating PadsColor: BlackCable length: 63.5cm, pad distance 40cmRoom temperature resistance: 3-8 (Ω)Maximum voltage: 5-7.4 (V)Thickness: 0.3 (mm)Size: 18x10cmPower: 8.5WTemperature: 35-50 ℃Power Requirements: 5V2A Features:-Waterproof anti-folding, high safety temperature.-Directly installed in the outdoor jackets, vests and other clothes for heating.-High temperature 45-50 ℃, Medium temperature 40-45 ℃, Low temperature 35-40...
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Name: Electric Heating Pads
Color: Black
Cable length: 63.5cm, pad distance 40cm
Room temperature resistance: 3-8 (Ω)
Maximum voltage: 5-7.4 (V)
Thickness: 0.3 (mm)
Size: 18x10cm
Power: 8.5W
Temperature: 35-50 ℃
Power Requirements: 5V2A
-Waterproof anti-folding, high safety temperature.
-Directly installed in the outdoor jackets, vests and other clothes for heating.
-High temperature 45-50 ℃, Medium temperature 40-45 ℃, Low temperature 35-40 ℃.
-The heating cloth power 9W or so, please use the charging treasure 2.1A output interface plug!
- Or use 7.4V battery, the temperature is about 42-50 degrees, please test the temperature inside the comforter or warm effect environment.
-Electric heating pads for DIY heated clothing.
-Easy and convenient to use.
Heating cloth use matters needing attention:
1: Do not let yourself, babies or people who are not sensitive enough to heat.
2: No needling knife heating cloth, when no one indoors strictly energized use.
3: Do not use in wet conditions, please dry before use.
Third gear switch instructions:
1, the first press after power on the boot, high temperature output 100% voltage, then press the second temperature output 85% voltage, press the three low temperature output 70% Shut down four times.
2, the boot state, the first long press 3 seconds to enter the 30min timer, the current temperature indicator flashes.
Package included:
1 x Electric Heating Pads Set
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